100 Years

The first Michigan Education Directory was published in 1925. Each year since then a new directory has been printed and distributed. The 2025 edition will be the one-hundreth with this title, or its variant “Michigan Education Directory and Buyer’s Guide” (1939-1990).

An example of the 1925-1926 Michigan Education Directory has been scanned and is available online through a collaborative effort by Google Books, the Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan, and HathiTrust Digital Library.

The origins of the Michigan Education Directory go back even further. From 1889-1924, its predecessor was published under the title Michigan Teachers’ Directory. Prior to that, M F Scott published the 1887 Teachers’ Directory and the 1888-9 Teachers’ Directory.

We feel the weight of responsibility upon us when we realize that our work today will long outlive us. We very much appreciate all the help we get keeping things current and accurate.

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