MiED Advertising

Developing a communication strategy is hard work. To get results while staying within budget your message must be well-targeted. Even so, the outcome may be disappointing if your target audience does not see your presentation repeatedly. Your partnership with MiED will deliver on both counts.

Thousands of school administrators, all leaders and decision makers in K-12 education, utilize our services. Because our publications are reference resources the included ad presentations are seen again and again. There is no better way to build recognition or reinforce your message within Michigan’s education community.

Come join us, you’ll be in good company. Our advertisers are all recognized leaders in their fields. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with so many fine companies.

We know our success depends on your success and we work very hard to deliver value. Print and digital advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available but limited. Please contact us today or check the advertising box on our newsletter sign-up page, if you would like to take your marketing communications to the next level.

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