Advertising On MiED Pro

There are currently two ad types on MiED Pro - large image ads and smaller text-only ads. All print/eBook advertisers have a large image ad on MiED Pro included in their annual ad package. The larger your print ad the more frequently your Pro ad will display. These ads display randomly but higher rate ads appear in the pool more than once.



Each ad has one image. Images can be a logo, an image with logo and/or text, or simply an image.

Ad images should be at least 150 pixels minimum in each direction, 300 pixels minimum preferred.

Images can be placed left, right or center. Horizontal Images are best suited for center placement. For center placement the image must be at least twice as wide as it is tall. If the image you wish to use is not wide enough it can be widened with white background to make it suitable for center placement. Left or right placement is best suited for squarish images. No image can be more than one and a quarter times taller than its width. Again, the image width can be extended with white background to make it suitable.

If you are creating an image for your ad we recommend a 600 x 300 pixel horizontal image for center placement or a 300 x 300 pixel vertical image for side placement,

We reserve the right to adjust the color saturation, brightness and/or contrast of ad images to maintain a consistent appearance throughout the site.


The background color is white. If using white transparent image put it on a nonwhite background.


There is a 40-character limit. The title should be your company name unless it is visible in your image.


Physical or postal addresses are generally discouraged as they take up a fair amount of space and are not interactive, unlike phone/email/web info. However they are allowed and may be valuable to announce a new address, etc.


Phone numbers are displayed with a text description followed by the hyperlinked number. People using MiED Pro on a phone will be able to tap to call you. Up to three phone numbers are allowed, for multiple offices or multiple direct dial numbers (people, departments, etc).


Email addresses are displayed as the text of your choice with the email address linked to the text, for example Email Us


Web addresses are linked to your image and also displayed as the text of your choice with the web address linked to the text, for example Visit Our Website. For most advertisers your homepage is the best choice while those with large complex sites should choose a landing page specific to your education market.


There is a 250-character limit for image ads. ALL CAPS for added emphasis are allowed only in single word or short phrase instances.


Your online ad can be changed as needed. After your Pro ad is initially complete and to your liking there may be a nominal fee to make changes to it.


Advertisers who are in our print, eBook, and Pro publications are included in the Pro online Buyer’s Guide which is accessible through the “Advertisers & Sponsors” tile at the bottom of the Pro homepage. Each advertiser listing will include your ad in the upper right and any text ads you may be running below it. The main listing is in the upper left and will include your company or organization’s name. Additionally it can include any or all of the following: a postal or physical address, website, email address, and/or phone number. If a physical address is listed it can be mapped in the tabbed area below. The tabbed area can also include key contact people with their name, title, phone, and email. A third tab is available for multiple locations and can include address and phone. All tabbed content is optional.


The Pro annual cycle is July 1 through June 30. The deadline for print ad copy will remain August 1.


Each school and district listing page has one large image ad and a smaller text-only space below it. These text ads will be available for a monthly fee and are suitable for event announcements, time sensitive ads, press releases, and low cost general ads. Text-only ads can include all the content types above except images. Text-only ads can display a total of up to about 250 characters depending on the type of information included. More on text ads later.