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MiED Print 2025

COMING OCTOBER 2024! - A must-have reference book for education professionals, the print edition of the Michigan Education Directory contains an incredible amount of information. Affordable and portable. Thousands in service. Pre-Order your 2025 edition directories now!

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MiED eBook 2025

COMING OCTOBER 2024! - It’s everything you love about the Michigan Education Directory with a digital twist. The eBook is an affordable alternative or complement to the print edition. Never be without your Directory again. Pre-Order the 2025 eBook now!

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MiED Pro Online Service

OUR BEST! - Our state-of-the-art online information service. MiED Pro takes our benchmark of Current, Comprehensive, Verified to new levels and then adds in expanded content, advanced search, lightning-fast navigation and extras only a web interface can offer - hyperlinked web/email/phone plus mapping. MiED Pro - the ultimate K-12 information resource.

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MiED Mailing Lists and Data Services

UPDATED! - Effective communication starts with solid contact information. Our continuous update protocol ensures that our data is current, no matter when you need it. Let us handle the part we do best so you can spend your time creating really great communications.

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MiED Print 2024

IN STOCK! - If you need a new print directory before October, this one is the one for you. Order your 2024 directories here!

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MiED eBook 2024

ONLINE NOW! - Need access to our directory today? Immediate gratification is just a few clicks away. Order the 2024 eBook here!

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