MiED Pro Online Service

Available Now - Our enterprise-grade information service.

MiED Pro is a digital information service built to meet the needs of Michigan’s education professionals and the companies and organizations who serve them. MiED Pro is a productivity tool designed with continuous updating, expanded content and advanced functionality at its center. MiED Pro includes more than 100,000 fields of data, over 10,000 administrators and over 5,000 facilities.

  • Pro is constantly updated. When we have new data (always), you have new data. No waiting for the next edition.
  • Pro includes expanded listings with additional information not published in the print/eBook editions.
  • Pro’s responsive web interface is perfect for mobile users.
  • Web addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are hyperlinked - click to visit, tap to call, click to email.
  • Includes Map integration to get you where you need to go and ...
  • Advanced search options to deliver information quickly and ...
  • Much more to come as we continue to implement all the possibilities.

Your order is risk free - new subscribers contact us for a full refund if MiED Pro is not right for you.

This is a single user license - one user per subscription please. Re-bills monthly (or annually) until cancelled.


$79.50/year (limited time sale)