What’s New

2024-07-08 - Orders are now being accepted for the 2025 eBook and 2025 Print edition.

2024-07-01 - Best wishes from all of us for this new academic year. Scores of new people will be added to our records this week with many more to come. MiED Pro and MiED Data Services users will have immediate access to this new information.

2024-06-10 - Advertising orders are now being accepted for the 2025 MiED print and eBook editions. Your ad order also includes an online ad on MiED Pro, index listings on all three platforms and a MiED VIP membership (eBook and Pro access). Contact Us for details.

2024-05-25 - The design work has been completed for the 2025 print/eBook cover. Yes, we really are working on Number 100. It is good to be loved.

2024-04-04 - We so appreciation the ongoing effort by our Pro Partners to help us stay current. We hope and trust all of you will benefit from access to this information resource. Contact us for personalized support if you have any issues.

2024-03-01 - This is an exciting year for us. The first Michigan Education Directory was published in 1925. Our next book, the 2025 edition will be number 100. Thank you to everyone, past and present, who helped make this possible.

2024-01-02 - Best wishes to all school administrators starting in new positions this week! We appreciate any and all updates from our school partners each January.

2023-12-31 - For all our friends, old and new, we wish you all the best in the new year! Thank you for a great 2023 for MiED.

2023-10-18 - The 2024 print directories are in stock! It will take us a week or so to fill advance orders, then up to week for USPS to deliver them to you. Thank you for your patience!

2023-09-25 - The 2024 eBook is online! If you have ordered this publication or are an advertiser, go to the My Subscriptions tab on your My Account page.

2023-09-15 - Last minute changes to be incorporated in the 2024 print and eBook editions must be received before September 19.

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